Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Ang Cheng Ze (The True ME Poem)

Goh Jun Ci (The True Me Poem)

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True Me Poem(Sebastian Choo)

The True Me Poem

The True Me Poem

My real name is Koh Yew Shan. A name my friends in primary school always call me is ‘oily mountain’. The animal that is inside of me is a rabbit because I don’t talk much to people whom I don’t really know.The object that is inside my heart is my TRUE friends as i treasure them a lot.The word on my forehead is basketball as i like to play basketball with my primary school friends.Nowadays, we still meet up on weekends and play basketball together.The sound that I love to hear is the sound of little raindrops as they are calming.The smell that i like is the smell of the ocean.My favorite time of the day is 2.30 because school has finally ended! My mother always say to me, “Finish your homework first.”

True me poem- Jipwah

Keifer's poem

The true me poem by Elden Sim

The True Me Poem by Ryan

True Me Poem

The True Me Poem - Evaan Chua (13) S1-04

the true me poem